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Who we are ?

Mandooo is a young IT company that offers its clients a variety of services in software, hardware and web programming. Our team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals who are ready in any time to meet the needs of our clients. Mandooo is a company focused on providing services to small and medium enterprises and those who are just starting their business. Our goal is to provide our customers with software that is inexpensive, reliable and satisfies the customer needs. Special attention is given to suggestions and requests of our clients.

How we work ?

(1.Requirements) We want to fully understand your needs before implementing your project, so our first step is to analyze and document your high-level software requirements.

(2.UX Design) Once we have a clear idea of your software requirements, we then aim to design the best solution. Tools such as Balsamiq, Visio and a host of other aids help us to make sure our design parallels your goals.

(3.Develop and Test) The next step is to program and completely test your software application using industry standard development tools, automated testing, and an automated build process.

(4.Deploy) From the client perspective, the project really begins with deployment of their custom software; possibly the most important aspect of the whole process. We take the most pride in proper installation, configuration and final performance.

Our Technologies

Microsoft .net

Mandoo was founded to focus on the .NET platform. We continuously deliver valuable products using .NET.


We utilizes Java for its stability, cross-platform compatibility and scalability.


We offers PHP services for web development projects combining low cost and high performance.


Mandoo has extensive expertise in developing SPA applications with AngularJS framework.

Cloud APP

We support Cloud Computing to provide you benefits of scalability, responsiveness and cost-efficiencies.


Our team develops Android apps with proven skill made possible by our native Android and Java expertise.

Windows Phone

Microsoft's mobile operating system is increasing its market share, and Mandoo team can help you to gain access to this platform.

Apple IOS

Our partners are highly experienced in Apple's mobile technologies. We develop apps for iPhone and iPad.


Everything about us is in this nice looking broshure.

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